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British Bulldog in 44 bulldog

This is a great little pistol, in amazing condition.  Manufactured by Forehand and Wadsworth.  Timing is perfect and lock up is solid, great bore, lots of rifling with only minor spotting.  Grips are solid and well fitted with a minor old repair to one top edge, finish is 90 percent or better, cylinder bores are also in excellent condition.  I use 44 Russian brass or trimmed 44 mag or 44 special brass to shoot these revolvers, it fits perfectly, leaving proper head space.  Functions as intended in double and single action, however as always it is not recommended to fire in double action as it is very hard on these old guns.  Comes with RCMP antique status letter, no license required to buy sell or own this firearm in Canada.  


Sauer and son 12 gauge SOLD

​​The model isn't stamped on it, but i believe this is a Model 60, made in 1963.
There have been exactly 6 rounds put through this gun and the pics will verify that.  Barrels are 28.5", 2 & 3/4" chambers with extractors.  Left is choked full, right is "half-choke", Serial # is 286,xxx, Action is very tight and locks up like a vault.  Gun was manufactured in West Germany. A quality shotgun, very nice handling and light, in as new condition. 

$795 Can. SOLD

Tula/Loewe Smith and Wesson 44 Russian SOLD

The Russian and German copies of the russian were generally of very high quality.  This is an interesting revolver of unknown origin, most likely a Loewe contract revolver or a Russian Tula made one. It is undoubtedly of Smith Wesson quality but the fonts of the serial number are slightly different from S&W. Every part is numbered and matches, Overall, in very nice shape with original walnut grips, action is tight and smooth, bore is clean with some minor freckling (no deep pits) and strong rifling. A barrel inscription that would be critical in identifying the gun has been completely removed.  As I have had to do some frame repair I am not selling as a shooter.  Comes with Antique status letter

​$1950 Can. SOLD

Winchester Model 1892 44 WCF

A true honest rifle that has been used but not abused and well taken care of.  This rifle has all the right things going for it, 44-40 caliber, octagon barrel, mint bore, good solid wood, a lot of original colour on the barrel magazine and receiver, correct sights, antique as it is 1898 for U.S. buyers, I have shot this rifle with soft lead bullets and it shoots and functions mechanically like a dream.  Not sure what else there is to say.  This rifle would make a addition to any Winchester collection.  Call for more information.

$3400 Can.

P38 9mm Restricted SOLD

A very nice byf44 P.38 in 9mm, this pistol is in very good condition, I would rate the metal finish at 90% plus, this grips are not chipped or cracked but the letter "E" has been crudely engraved  at the top of the left grip.  Mechanically this pistol functions as it should and sports a beautiful bore.  Number all appear to be matching. Restricted.

$ 795 SOLD

Webley MK 1 45 ACP SOLD

This gun functions as it should with good lock up and timing which is spot on, the cylinder has been shaved for 45 ACP and can be shot using moon clips or 45 auto rimmed. Please keep in mind that this gun is almost 150 years old and if you decide to shoot it, it should be with light loads and lead bullets only.  It has good solid grips and a great bore and cylinders. This is an antique in Canada and does not require a license to own or buy.
$2200 Can. SOLD

W.W. Greener, 12 bore, cased 2 barrel set

This shotgun combination is quite rare, most of these two barrel sets have been split up many many years ago, this one has survived in its original case and serial numbers matching gun and both barrels.  The specific measurements of each barrel is listed on a separate sheet in the pictures, if you have any other questions you can inquire.  Bores are bright and shiny, with both barrel sets completely restored, one set Damascus and the other fluid steal.  Gun functions as expected, the english walnut is solid with no apparent repairs.


Lee Enfield E.A.L

Not a sporterised Enfield a true E.A.L. This rifle is as good as it gets, no guarantees but from the look of the bolt face and the interior mechanism, this rifle appears unfired, there is wear on the bolt and bumps and bruises on the wood, everything else is extremely nice. Sports a mint bore.

​$1400 Can.

RNWMP Colt New Service 455 Eley SOLD

What a piece of history!  This gun is listed in Don Klanchers book "Arms and Accoutrements of the Mounted Police 1873-1973".The grip stamp on this revolver dates it between the North West Mounted Police and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the backstrap issue number dictates a before 1920 issue.  Condition is unbelievable except for one spot that is plainly visible, mechanics are perfect and colour is beautiful, bore is mint.  Call for more details.  This is a restricted firearm in Canada, buyer must have a restricted license.
$ 2450 Can. SOLD

A. Allen Glasgow 12 Bore

Gun is in very nice condition, has excellent shiny bores, is tight on face, beautiful nicely figured solid wood with no cracks, there is one chip on bottom of butt stock.  Mechanically it functions as it should.  It is a nice handling gun.

Case is in poor condition.

min barrel wall @ 9 inches left muzzle .320

min barrel wall @ 9 inches right muzzle .330

min barrel wall @ 9 inches left cham .700

min barrel wall @ 9 inches right cham .650
min bore @ 6 inches muzzle left .715 cham .712

min bore @ 6 inches muzzle right .712 cham .712

left barrel choke full, right barrel choke light modified

length of pull 14.5, drop at comb 2.5

$1850​ Can. OBO

Browning Bar 270 cal SOLD
This will make a great deer hunting gun, it has good solid wood and the metal finish is excellent with some bruises and marks from hunting. It is drilled and tapped for scope bases. The bore is like new and the mechanics function as they should. If your going to shoot a semi auto then this is what it should be, as the Browning are known to be very dependable.

$775 Can. SOLD

Colt 1873 1st generation SOLD

This is a smooth peace maker, chambered in 38-40, the timing is perfect with excellent lock up, there is no play in the cylinder.  The bore has some black powder freckling with some minor pitting, no deep craters.  The chambers are excellent and the older nickel re-finish is also in near mint condition.  Sporting original Colt grips, that are not cracked or chipped.  This revolver is an excellent shooter, as it is manufactured after 1898 and is not in the proper caliber, it is restricted in Canada.

​$2200 Can. SOLD