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Lee Enfield mkIII 1918 22 Trainer

This is a rare WW11 training rifle, the barrel has been sleeved for 22 rim fire.  These rifle were used as trainers for the cadets.  This rifle is in fine condition, it sports good solid wood and the bore is mint, bright and shiny.  Metal condition is extremely good and the mechanics work as they should.  Overall a very good example.


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Smith and Wesson 44 Russian SOLD

Another nice Smith in 44 Russian, this one is an overall 80% nickel finish gun, with significant flaking loss to the cylinder and regular wear to the barrel and receiver.  Mechanically it functions as it should in both single and double action, with timing perfect and lock up solid.  Hammer has both notches in the right place, so safety is functioning perfectly.  The ejector star is in excellent working condition.  Cylinder is good and tight with only expected movement.  Bore has good solid rifling throughout with scattered black powder pitting, should shoot as intended.  Grips appear to be original with comparative wear, no cracks or chips.  Will make a great addition to any collection as well as a functioning piece for the shooters.  Antique status in Canada, no license required, buyer must be 18 years of age.  

$2495 SOLD

Root Revolver 2nd Model

Cased second model Colt Root revolver .28 caliber manufactured in 1856.  Revolver has 80 percent finish with burled walnut grips.  It is in an original case with original accessories, including an extremely fine powder flask and a very nice .28 caliber bullet mold.  The correct minty tin cap box is also included.  Mechanics on this firearm work perfectly, timing and lock-up is spot on.  This is an overall brilliant piece and would make a great addition to any experienced collection.  Definitely for the seasoned collector.  This is an antique in Canada, no license required, buyer must be 18 years of age.


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Ballard Rifle

This is an extremely rare Brown manufactured Ballard Military Rifle.  Around 1000 

produced, with most going back to the factory before sale and made into sporting guns.  This is one of the rare ones to survive.  The gun also utilizes the rarely encountered dual ignition, rimfire & percussion ignition system, which was very rarely offered on the military rifles. Serial number 20939 can be found on the top of the barrel and the top of the receiver. The top of the barrel is also marked clearly No46, indicating .46 caliber. More info is located along with the other pictures.


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Parker Bros 10 Gauge

This is a very early lifter hammer gun made by Parker Bros.  As with all these hammer guns it is afflicted with the same looseness on face.  The bores are suffering from black powder pitting, it is concentrated near the chambers but extends towards the muzzles.  The Damascus barrels appear to be in decent condition without any major defects.  The wood is excellent on this gun, many that I have seen are in mostly sport poor condition butt and fore stocks.  Butt stock has the skeleton butt plate, the engraving is beautiful and deserving of this grade of gun.  Overall a very nice representative piece of Parker history.

$1495 Can.

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Winchester Model 1886 45-70 Govt.

This is a very early rifle, serial number brings it in at 1888, third year of production.  The bore on this rifle is in near mint condition, bright and shiny with nice sharp rifling, showing only very mild blackpowder freckling in the grooves.  I shot a deer with this rifle and trust me when I tell you it is extremely accurate and effective.  There is no case colour left on the receiver and only spotty colour on the barrel and mag (what's there is probably the remains of an old blue job).  The wood is well preserved, again the finish is likely an old revarnish. ​

$3295 Can.

W.W. Greener, 12 bore, cased 2 barrel set

This shotgun combination is quite rare, most of these two barrel sets have been split up many many years ago, this one has survived in its original case since being manufactured in 1896 and serial numbers matching gun and both barrels.  The specific measurements of each barrel is listed on a separate sheet in the pictures, if you have any other questions you can inquire.  Bores are bright and shiny, with both barrel sets completely restored, one set Damascus and the other fluid steal.  Gun functions as expected, the english walnut is solid with no apparent repairs.  Overall a beautiful piece, right for the seasoned collector/shooter.


Savage 99 MHG Bayonet

Extremely rare Savage Model 99 Montreal Home Guard Bayonet in unbelievable condition.  These are like hens teeth to find let alone find one in this extremely fine condition.  This bayonet is as close to mint as you can get, simply a beautiful condition piece.  It is unknown how many of these bayonets were supplied with the approximate 800 rifles for the home guard, however it is an unfortunate reality that a vast majority were ground down and turned into hunting knifes after the war.  This bayonet comes with the original scabbard which is in extremely fine condition as well, there is a small tear in the leather at the top where the knife enters the scabbard.  This is a piece for an advanced collector of Savage Arms or a bayonet collector.

​$4995​ Can.

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Burns Toronto Maker SOLD

This is a very nice representative piece from a very early Toronto maker.  Not sure of year but I believe this rifle was manufactured sometime around 1830-1840. Mechanically it functions as it should, the bore appears to be in decent shape, a fabricated ramrod has been fitted.  There is an old repair to the wrist as evidenced in the pictures.  This old rifle sports one of the largest barrels I have seen, it must be an inch and quarter across the flats.  Antique status.

$1300 Can. SOLD

A. Allen Glasgow 12 Bore

Gun is in very nice condition, has excellent shiny bores, is tight on face, beautiful nicely figured solid wood with no cracks, there is one chip on bottom of butt stock.  Mechanically it functions as it should.  It is a nice handling gun.

Case is in poor condition.

min barrel wall @ 9 inches left muzzle .320

min barrel wall @ 9 inches right muzzle .330

min barrel wall @ 9 inches left cham .700

min barrel wall @ 9 inches right cham .650
min bore @ 6 inches muzzle left .715 cham .712

min bore @ 6 inches muzzle right .712 cham .712

left barrel choke full, right barrel choke light modified

length of pull 14.5, drop at comb 2.5

$1850​ Can. OBO

Lee Enfield 1945
Overall this is a very appealing Enfield rifle, in quite nice condition. It must have been a rifle that went back to the armoury for a refurbish. It has an excellent bore, bright and shiny with good crisp rifling. Mechanically it functions as intended. The metal finish is a blackish, blue tone and as I am definitely not an expert on military rifles, I have no idea if this is correct or not. The wood appears to be in almost unused condition with some repairs and the serial numbers do not match. As stated I am not an expert on these rifles so ask any questions you need to, to be confident in your purchase.


Smith and Wesson 44 Russian

This is a very nice representative piece of Smith and Wesson history.  The gun has been reblued at some point in its life, with 95% of the old reblue remaining.  The wood is perfect with no cracks or blemishes and mechanically it works perfectly, locking up like a vault.  It sports an excellent bore and chambers and the start extracted works as intended.  This is an antique in Canada, no license required, buyer must be 18 years of age, comes with RCMP antique status letter.

​$ 2800