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Isaac Hollis Single Shot Rifle

A Martini Henry action and a top grade British gun maker, makes this quite a combination for a sporting grade rifle.  It sports beautiful wood front and back with a horn forehand cap, as with most British sporting grade rifles it has sling swivels and is checkered.  The bore is mint and is chambered in 577-450, mechanically it works perfectly and should make a great classic shooter.  Overall condition is extremely good.

$ $2350 Can.

Winchester Model 1886 40-65

Date of manufacture is 1892, This rifle is in amazing original condition.  The mechanics function as they should and it sports a minty bore, bright and sharp.  Metal finish on the barrel is original and 85% plus, with the mag tube going more plum colour.  The receiver has lost all of its colour case but is in the typical shiny silver that remains when the thin case colours disappear.  The wood is wonderful, with no chips or cracks, lots of bumps and bruises as obviously this rifle was used for intended purposes.  This is a very clean collector grade rifle in a rarer caliber.

$4500 Can.

Savage 1899 250-3000 T.D.

A very desirable take-down rifle in a very sought after caliber.  Mechanically it functions like it should, it has an excellent bore and very good solid wood.  There is an old repair on the toe of the butt stock as evidenced in the pictures.    The front sling swivel is missing, the metal finish is very good, with strong coverage on the barrel with a mix of original blue and added blue to the receiver.  Lots of original colour case hardening still visible on the lever.  This is a very accurate flat shooting caliber and was the first to exceed 3000 feet per second in 1930.    

$875 Can.

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Presentation Tranter 2nd Model

Approximately 40 Caliber percussion revolver.  This was a presentation piece from Alexander Workman Jr., the Mayor of Ottawa, in 1868, to Dr. Edward Van Cortlandt a well known Surgeon and business man in Bytown at that time.  Limited research indicates, Van Cortlandt owned a stone a stone quarry west of Ottawa and supplied the government as well as the City of Ottawa, the brown sandstone used in some of the buildings downtown as well as the Parliament Buildings.  The pistol is in a period correct box made for the Tractor with all the correct loading equipment.  Truly a piece for the more seasoned collector, and a wonderful piece of Canadian history.

​$6295 Can.

Old Guns Antique Guns

Winchester 1895 Flatside SOLD
​One of 5000 rifles made in the 1895, the flatside is distinguishable from other 1895 rifles by the lack of scallops in the receiver sides as well it has a solid lever where the others are split. This was the only model 1895 that Winchester could make into a pistol grip. These are very collectible rifles. There is no original finish left on the rifle, what appears to be a blueing of some kind is all over the metal bits. The wood, although solid was likely worked on in years past. It has a shootable bore, dark with strong rifling, it should shoot as intended. Sights are not correct, barrel has been cut, tang has been drilled and tapped for peep sight. Caliber is 30 U.S.
$850 SOLD

Winchester Model 1895
If you have been looking for a collector grade 1895 this is the one for you. Other than the added sling swivel holes this rifle is completely original and in very high condition. Blue on the barrel is 95%, the receiver is 85% plus. It has an excellent bright shiny bore and is an excellent shooter. Its chambered in 30-40 Krag or 30 US. if you prefer. Wood is excellent with normal marks and dings from hunting, no cracks or missing pieces. There are lots of 1895's out there but not many in this condition.

​$2700 Can. OBO
Rolling Block Baby Carbine 44RF
Extremely rare roller, there are only 2 known baby carbines in 44 rim fire, 1 was owned by Roy Marcot and the other belonged to Leroy Merz, both guns sported 18 inch barrels, this rifle has a 16 inch barrel. This could be the only rifle in this configuration known to exist, one of a kind. Bore has good strong rifling with some black powder freckling, would actually make a decent shooter. Metal finish is a pleasing mostly brown patina. Front and rear sights appear to be correct with the baby carbine. Wood is complete with no real problems, lots of bumps and bruises and some small missing bits but mostly complete and original. Mechanically it functions as it should.
$3700 Can.


Rare Brown Bess Light Infantry 
This is an untouched rare Infantry model Brown bess, these are very hard to find and the ones you find are often messed with. This gun functions as it should, metal finish is rough, wood also has some issues and the sling swivels are missing. The 68th regiment saw action in the Napoleonic Wars 1803-1815. Overall a very rare historical piece in original, as found, condition.