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Winchester Lee Navy Sporter SOLD

Of the 20,000 Lee Navy rifles produced, approximately only 1700 are factory sporters. Of those 1700 sporters, a very few have factory special order options. Madis states "guns with any extras in the Lee model are almost impossible to find". This particular example is documented in the factory ledgers at the Cody Museum. The ledger states that the serial number was applied on June 17, 1898 and shipped in Feb. 1901, making this a prescribed "Antique" in the U.S. It's unknown how many special order Lee Sporters were made, but it's reasonable to say this could be a one of a kind rifle. This rifle has a checkered stock, xxx grade fancy wood, special sights, rubber shotgun butt, oil finish, and sling swivels. Barrel length is 24" and chambered in 6mm (.236 USN).  Condition is 85 % plus, bore is excellent with only minor dulling in the grooves and sharp clean deep rifleing.  This is a rifle for the advanced collector.

​$4200 Can. SOLD


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​Winchester Model 1892 44-40 SRC

This is a rough old girl in a very desirable caliber, manufactured in 1896.  Wood is banged up and not fitting very well, finish is non existent on both metal and wood, mechanically it functions as it was intended and sports a decent bore with some black powder corrosion but with lots of rifling.   Not pretty but should make a good shooter.


Winchester 1st Model 1894

​not for sale at the moment.

Colt SAA in 41 Colt SOLD

Date of manufacture 1905.  This is an honest Colt San, it sports a very good bore, bright and shiny with only some minor black powder freckling near the muzzle, overall barrel length is 4 1/2.  Grips are original and numbered to the gun, they have overall wear, some small chips and a larger chip on the bottom of the right grip.  Finish is overall a grey colour with some areas of original blue, case colour remains in some protected areas.  The cylinder pin and pin release have been changed as the originals were damaged beyond repair.  The cylinder is in extremely good condition and mechanically it functions as it should, with lock up and timing perfect, of course the Colt 4 clicks is present when the hammer is cocked. Front sight has an old modification.  Pistol is restricted

​$2800 Can. SOLD

winchester Lee

Winchester Model 1892 SRC 

This wonderful  little rifle is chambered in 44-40, made in 1907, the most sought after caliber in a 92.  It has a very good shootable bore, bright and shiny with only minimal freckling.  The wood is solid and appears to have some of the original finish, blue is turning brown but appears to be somewhat in between, with some remnants of old oil turning yellow in places.


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Long Branch No.4 Mark 1* “Lightweight”
This is a prototype rifle… only an estimated 50 were produced (maybe) Special features are the one-piece stock and black rubber Hawkins buttplate, Bore has strong rifling, but dark. Very rare and highly collectable rifle in original configuration.  Check out the last one that sold at auction at James Julia's -  lot 1659, April 2017, ($25,300 U.S. - $31,800 can.), this rifle is arguably in better overall condition with the correct Hawkens butt pad. 

$25,000 Can.

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Savage Model 99C 243 Cal.

1950 date of manufacture.  This is the best savage 99c I have ever seen, it retains all of the original case colours on the lever.  The blue on the barrel is near perfect as well as on the receiver.  It has an excellent bore, it is reported that this rifle has cycled less than a box of shells since it was new.  However, it has been in the bush and there are minor marks on the wood and finish.  It has the detachable magazine that fits in the bottom, a very useful feature for the hunter.  The receiver is factory drilled and tapped for scope mounts.

​$750 Can.


J.Stevens  22 Long Rifle

This is a nice old Stevens take down, in a very desirable caliber.  Nice blue on the half round half octagon barrel still remains, the wood is solid and in decent condition with no cracks or chips.  Mechanically it functions as it should, however it has a lazy lever spring and the bore condition is not very good (lots of wear and roughness) it should still shoot as intended.   ​


Webley MK11 in 45 ACP SOLD

Up for sale is a very nice , solid Webley that has been converted to 45 ACP.  Grips appear to be complete without any cracks a little chip on the right grip edge, as well the left grip may be from a different model, the finish is quite good and overall it is a 90 % gun.  The bore has good strong rifling and should work as intended, the cylinder has been shaved in a way that you cannot tell from the outside, very nicely done.  This is an antique in Canada and does not require a license to own or buy.  Buyer must be 18 years of age.

$2450 SOLD